Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sister Eve and the Blue Nun by Lynne Hinton

Sister Eve and the Blue Nun by Lynne Hinton is the next escapade of the Eve Divine mysteries.  While Eve is back at the monastery to listen to  a speech by a young professor from the college, Dr. Kelly Middlesworth, on one of Eve's favorite subjects, the Blue Nun.  This nun's merits were being discussed for sainthood.  Eve had very much hoped that her sister nun would be judged a saint and was interested in the new evidence being presented in the first session in the morning.  She was also friends with the professor's brother as he was a monk in the monastery.  Eve couldn't sleep so she had made her way to the chapel to pray, she just didn't know how to help her friend, Anthony who had just had a big fight in front of everyone with his sister, Kelly.   Well she couldn't sleep anyway might as well go talk with Kelly and see if she could help smooth the waters.  As she stood to leave there stood Anthony with tears streaming and so distraught he could barely tell her that he had just come from Kelly's room and she was dead and that it was all his fault.  Eve ran to check on Kelly just to make sure she was dead and not just really sick--well she was dead.  It appears and smells like from drinking arsenic laced tea.  All evidence points to Anthony but Eve just knows he couldn't have done it-no matter what he said.  Read this next episode in Sister Eve's adventures with all its twists and turns.
I liked this book as I have liked all of the Sister Eve stories.  These books are easy to read and can be enjoyed by any age group.  It is a Christian novel though that is not part of the story other than it takes place in a monastery and the main character is a nun who is trying to decide if she wants to take her final vows.  It is a difficult decision for her but the pull of working in her father's private eye business is challenging her brain.
I received this book from Booksneeze for this review.

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