Sunday, May 22, 2016

Code 13 by Don Brown

Code 13 by Don Brown is an exciting new book by this prolific military author. Carolyn and P.J..MacDonald had worked together on the JAG legal team in California.  They were a great team working well together until P.J. had been reassigned to the Pentagon.  Carolyn had thought that there might be a possibility of marriage until then but now she finds that she also has been assigned to the  post of such prestige to work with P.J. on the newly formed Project Blue Jay.  This was a drone project in which the Navy and Homeland Security would work together for a new contract to purchase 100,000 light blue drones for who knows how many billions of dollars from one contractor.  On her first day there however while she and P.J. are out on a run P.J. is shot and he instantly dies.  Then right after Carolyn and the group of 4 military personnel meet to try to find the murderer another JAG officer, Ross Simmons, closely involved in the  drone project with P.J. was murdered.  Carolyn was first on the scene because Ross had emailed her to meet him at his home about the information that P.J. had given him in case of his death.  Now Carolyn would not have the information but worse was someone killing everyone highly connected with the drone project?  How were they getting their information from the secretive pentagon?
 This is the 2nd in his Navy JAG series and I thought it was so involved with the many characters but I had not read the 1st book so possibly some of these characters were introduced n the first book.  This book will hold your attention from the first page and you will quickly learn the characters in the book.  From the beginning though start looking for the clues to solve this military mystery for your first clue is early on in the story.  From this aspect it is much like reading a Sherlock Holmes novel.  Read this book of many twists and turns with a surprise ending.  The story is not over until the last chapter.  I found this a riveting and exciting book and would recommend it as good reading for any military or mystery book reader.
I received this book from BookLook for this review.

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