Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lazarus Awakening by Joanna Weaver

Lazarus Awakening by Joanna Weaver is a 3 DVD plus study guide.  This is a Bible Study centering on the story of Lazarus and is meant to be used with the book by the same title and author.  The DVD set completes the weekly study guide and helps answer the questions posed within it.  This author also wrote Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World but you don't have to have completed that study in order to enjoy this one.  In this study there is scripture to study as well as the first part of the study guide to fill out then the DVD helps complete the guide as well as has an Israel portion of the Holy Land concepts and takes you to where the story takes place.  In the Israel portion there is also an interview with Amy Turnage who is the Director of Operations at the Center for Holy Lands Studies.  Amy brings in much about the culture of the region as well as little know facts which add to the understanding of the study.  Since the story of Lazarus in only a little over a chapter long in John there is also other scripture to aide in understanding the story.  In addition to all this there is how to apply this new understanding of the scripture to your own life--the Bible would just be a very interesting history book if the reader and studier did not apply it to enhance their own life.  This study is meant to be an 8 week study with weekly sessions lasting 2 hours long.  There is also a plan for a weekly 1 hour session.

I very much enjoyed this study of Lazarus.  I am finding that writers of Bible studies are very much acknowledging that most of us have to work in order to pay our bills and maybe don't have the time to put forth to do a very in-depth study.  In doing some of these studies many I am finding to be so superficial as to not be worth the effort.  This one seems to be not too difficult to find the time to do the studying necessary for the class if done in a group session but also not so superficial as to not having to put forth any effort at all.  I believe that we would not be seeking out a Bible study group if we were not willing to set aside time each day for Bible reading and study. I liked this study and found it well worth the time taken for the knowledge received.
I received this study guide set from Blogging for Books for this review.

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