Thursday, March 13, 2014

seven secrets to praying

Seven Secrets to Power Praying by Jane Glenchur is a guide to improving, increasing or starting your prayer life.  It is an easy to read guide which manages not to read preachy.  She pulls from her own experiences in life as she tells the Keys to praying (petition, passion, presence, preparedness, and perseverance).  She then expands to the 7 secrets: Say yes first, Give God your password, Tap into God’s heart, Toss the pros and cons list, know when to give up, Open locked doors, Employ the power of testimonies.  She then describes how the reader can further expand their relationship with God further including increasing your daily Bible reading, deepening your prayers, and tightening your own time management skills.

This book is written in a way which speaks to the reader as if they are carrying on a conversation with the author.  This author really speaks to me the reader in a friendly way and makes the reader really see that increasing their own prayer life is a no brainer improvement into anyone’s life.  She points out how those of us with tight schedules can easily find time to place prayer into our daily life and how that very act can increase our time to do other things.  All of us have wasted time in our schedules which we spend doing things not nearly as valuable to our eternity as prayer.  God is happy to and just waiting for us to ask for blessings for which we are not asking.  This book spoke to me and I do not easily say those words.  I have read many books which are “good for me” but this book forced me to look as my life and desire to change it.

This book was provided by Chosen which is a division of Baker Publishing Group for this review.

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