Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Voice New Testament

The Voice New Testament is advertised as a step into the story of scripture.  It is a new translation by the Ecclesia Bible Society.  It is an easy to read translation for this generation with notes contained throughout the reading.  It contains 4 different reading programs for those wishing to read through the Testament in varying lengths of time.  The beginning tells of how the translation process from the Greek went and the decisions made on wording.  This translation uses inclusive language where it makes sense and specific gender where it makes sense. 

I liked this translation.  I was able to get involved with the story that Jesus lived and the times lived after his death.  It reads like a story.   This translation I would probably also buy a waterproof edition to keep in the bathroom it is that good and easy to read.  It would be a Bible to put in the hands of the very young it is so easy to understand but also has the completeness to use as a Bible resource during Bible studies.  I liked knowing the gender of whom the speaker was talking so I liked this version over exclusive inclusiveness.  I was very impressed with this Bible.  Thomas Nelson made a good decision to publish this new translation.

I was provided this book for this review.  I plan to purchase the Bible in its entirety I liked it this much.

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  1. a waterproof edition. good idea. better patent it.