Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am a Follower by Leaonard Sweet

I am a Follower by Leonard Sweet.  This book explains the Jesus followership dance of life.  He teaches us that the world's "be a leader" mantra  is not the plan of Jesus for our life.  Jesus wants us to walk beside him as we go through life and learn from him.  Much the same as we learn from our parents by watching and living with them.  Mr Sweet tells of how when Jesus walked the world he did not say follow me then lead a parade-rather when He said walk with me he said, walk along side me and while you life with me I'll teach you how to live a Holy life for God. 
This book set me on fire for learning to live the life that Jesus wants me to have.  This book posed the question, is what you are doing right now worthy of Jesus incarnation, death, and resurrection?  I found that I was woefully wanting of worthiness.  This book is filled with gentle reminders of what we are put here on earth to do.  This book encouraged me to not strive to be a leader of people but rather to be a Follower of Christ.
This book was provided for me from Booksneeze for this review and I am most grateful for this gift.

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