Saturday, June 4, 2011

plain wisdom review

Though I enjoyed this book, Plain Wisdom by C. Woodsmall and M. Flaud,  it was not what I was expecting.  This book is described as an invitation into an Amish home and the hearts of two women, but I felt like I was invited over and treated very politely; however, only onto the porch instead of into the home.  I felt that the ladies could have fleshed out their stories.  This book is a group of short essays by two women, one Amish and one Protestant, on living their everyday life. This book shows the similarities and differences of living in a conservative, close-knit community and a conservative, modern community.
I liked the Amish recipes and to taste the food that is such a prominent part of Amish life.  I also liked how we see that the worries and problems of raising children are mostly the same no matter what the religion.  Both pray that God will protect and bless our home and family.
I received this book for free from waterbrook Multnomah Publishing group for this reveiw.

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